Project info

Miguel has worked on this project as the superintendent construction of the residence. La Canada is a very beautiful and stylish home. Miguel has supervised everything in the construction of the new residential property from setting footing foundations to the rough carpentry as well as the finishing. La Canada is the most stylish and appealing building, Miguel has worked on so far. It has been built on a traditional architecture to make it more attractive and appealing

1. The La Canada is covering the area of 2029 square feet.
2. It was built in 1929 and renovated by in 2016.
3. There are 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in the house.

Spanish style home

The biggest attraction of La Canada is the Spanish style house and Miguel was the key component to keep the traditional structure of the house because it is the real beauty of the properly. It has stucco exterior with most of the floor plans have a horizontal feel. It perfectly blends with the landscape of the properly.

Through the stucco, the exposed beams have been perfectly adjusted. There are repeated arches which frame a courtyard and continues into the interior of La Canada. It is a beautiful flat floor makes it look more attractive. Miguel has introduced a few Spanish twists in La Canada to assure that more people will show interest in the Spanish style house. Miguel has improved the quality of house by using best and highly durable material in its renovation.