Project info

MIGSTA Construction has worked as the subcontractor to improve the structural scope of the theater and convert it into a perfect store for the famous Fred Segal. We have been able to perfect change the building from inside and out to make it more favorable and attractive to their customers. We have been able to rebuild the entire exterior façade of the building by adding new and taller walls with a modern storefront and attractive windows. There are hard panel sidings installed all around the building to make it more attractive and durable.

Building Details

The Fred Segal space has been reconstructed this year, and the 4000 square feet area will provide the customers with the perfect opportunity to look for the products that they want. MIGSTA Construction has given an interest interior design that will make it easier to display the products.
We have worked on the exterior of the building to give it a look of a modern store that customers love to visit. It complements the Malibu style buildings that are commonly designed to attract tourists. The perfect combination of white exterior with surrounding white greenery makes it even more attractive.

Quality comes first

MIGSTA Construction has utilized the best material during the rebuilding of commercial area to assure that it will be safe for employees and customers. Experts have paid special attention to the quality of structure to assure that it can easily stand the test of time.