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Project info

MIGSTA Construction has improved the entire look of the Culver City residence. The team of experts has demolished the existing front unit of the building as well as the back units. However, it was the built independently with the option of combining them if desired.

Property Features

MIGSTA Construction has worked hard to give Culver City a modern and, appealing look. Some the of the changes that we have brought in the homes are.

1. There are an open kitchen and living room concept to the homes.
2. There is a jacuzzi in the balcony of homes
3. Recess handrail that comes with integrated lighting
4. MIGSTA Construction has installed glass stairs in the homes and a modern
fireplace to make the interior more interesting.
5. The home has been given a minimalistic design because most buyers are
looking for such modern homes where they can manage the space easily.
6. We have given a spacious look to the home
7. The bathrooms have glass bathing area that makes it look attractive, and buyers
will have the option of glass bathtub or shower area to choose from
8. We have added a functional kitchen in the home to enhance the overall appeal
of the property.

Culver City homes cover the area of 2,633 sqft. They were constructed in 1954, and MIGSTA Construction got the privilege to renovate and improve the overall look of the residence in 2018. The modern construction style homes have 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms which makes it perfect for small families. All the units have been renovated to increase the value of the property. The value of area has increased from $700 thousand to $1.8 million.