about us

MIGSTA Construction Inc was established in 2017. We are unique and exceptional builders. Our experts will assure to win your heart with the reliable and quality services. MIGSTA Construction Inc takes pride in its craftsmanship and leadership. Our services are powered by a group of diverse and talented staff. Our focus is on a wide range of construction and renovation services. We provide the architect driven and customized building projects. We work on both commercial and residential projects.

Whether you need new construction or full renovation of your office or home, MIGSTA Construction Inc has the best reputation because of our dedicated craftsmanship to all our projects and the unwavering accountability that helps us stay ahead of our competitors. In the limited time, we have been able to gain the trust or our clients because of the quality that we are delivering. Taking some help from our design professionals, we assure to convert all your imaginations into reality.

Miguel the face and mind of MIGSTA Construction Inc

Miguel is the person who is the reason MIGSTA Construction Inc has reached this level of success in such a limited time. He was born and raised in Mexico. He has 12 years of experience of working as a rough carpenter and concrete.

For 6 years he has worked as the superintendent in the commercial industry. For over 18 years he has worked in the field of construction to gain more experience and improve his level of expertise. With his years of experience, he has been able to understand all the materials that should be used for construction as well as how he can assure to provide quality results. Miguel appreciates when the results of the hard work of the team are reflected on outcomes of every aspect of the project. This is the reason he loves his work and assures to deliver the best to his customer every possible way.

MIGSTA Construction Inc mission and value

Once you are at MIGSTA Construction Inc, you will have the satisfaction that you will get the best services including.

We will provide you with information related to the sustainable construction information to assure that you will make the right decision.

Our experts will provide you consultation services to assure that you will take the right decision regarding the type of construction and renovation services that you need.
We will share our information and knowledge with you to give a perfect idea regarding the services that you will get.
From the services to material that will be used in the construction of the building will be high-quality to assure that you will get the results which you wanted in the first place.

Innovative multi planner projects

MIGSTA Construction Inc we work for commercial and residential projects. Our experts will work on your project with so much care and perfection like it is their own project. We will start will discussing the renovation and construction services you have been looking for. After that our experts will design the blueprints to get your approval regarding the type of services you want. From the 3D blueprints, you will get clear idea that whether we are able to provide you the services you need or not.

Once done the next step is selecting of the best material for the renovation and construction services to assure that overall quality of the building will be improved. After that Our experts will start working on the building to turn your thoughts and imaginations into reality. We might suggest a few changes, but they will be only applied if you will approve. We have the ability to manage the multi-plan projects with perfection. Our experts will assure to work on all the projects that you have given and provide the quality that you want.

A team of experts available at your service

MIGSTA Construction Inc has the best team of experts. Miguel has specially selected the team of assuring that there will be no room of error. The work starts with the team of designers who assure to design the best blueprints on which the construction experts will work. During the construction, every part of the building undergoes a special testing process to assure that it has the strength and durability that will keep the building standing for a long time.

All the experts working for MIGSTA Construction Inc are certified. They have been working in the industry for many years and have the experience you have been looking for. They know how to deliver the best results to the clients. All the clients are insured. We know that there are several accidents that can happen at the construction sites. To give you peace of mind we have insured all our workers to assure that you will not have to pay for the treatment or medication bills in case any accident happens. It means that you will be working with the best company in the industry.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

We believe that the success of the company depends on the satisfaction of the customers. At MIGSTA Construction Inc, we have been able to satisfy all the customers in the best possible way. We prefer to have weekly meeting with our clients site often to assure that if there are any changes that would like, it could be managed before it is too late. This is the reason all our previous customers are satisfied with the services and results they get.

We have special customized services available to assure that you will get the satisfaction that the building has been constructed according to the design that you have given. MIGSTA Construction Inc has the best reputation in the industry, and our mission is to reach the global market as well. Our services are available at the most affordable rate. For more information about services and cost, you can consult our experts.